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Our products and services

Crédit du Nord Group

Group Crédit du Nord consists of eight banks – Courtois, Kolb, Laydernier, Nuger, Rhône-Alpes, Société Marseillaise de Crédit, Tarneaud and Crédit du Nord – and a stock broker, Gilbert Dupont.

The Crédit du Nord Group

A dedicated team at your service : your designated customer adviser back-up team
The 8 cover geographic regions, and branches are located close to their business clients. Our business advisory teams experts can help you develop your business domestically and overseas.
  • Personalised, day-to-day support from designated customer adviser and his team

Customer advisers maintain regular contact with you and ensure that your specific needs are identified and met.

With his experience in banking, your customer adviser is able to grasp particular aspects of your business sector and provide effective business solutions.

Commercial assistants work closely with your customer adviser to ensure that all operations are processed smoothly and provide continuity in account management.

Your customer adviser and his commercial assistant ensure a seamless service and long-standing relationship.

  • Specialist support in the management of payments, finance and services
As well as a designated team, business and institutional clients of the Crédit du Nord Group banks also benefit from the advice of specialists in such areas as asset management, employer schemes, property and equipment leasing, international trade, capital raising, electronic payments and telephony solutions.
Quality service officially recognised by our business clients
Group Crédit du Nord ranked as leading bank in general business satisfaction 4 times out of 5 (according to surrey's carried out by CFI Group in 2004-2005, and CSA in 2006-2007 and 2008).
A full range of products and services specialy designed to suit your requirements
We are at hand to accompany you through every stage of your company's development. Our teams can assist you with your current requirements and more complicated projects such as security of payments, asset management, foreign operations, with discounting and invoice factoring, optimising employee compensation policy, and more.
  • You can benefit from a complete range of services for managing and consulting your bank accounts by various means.

Following your banking transactions :

  • teletransmission
  • internet service
  • We offer products and services that help you optimise your day-to-day transactions.

Managing your payments :

  • bankcards (Business and "Affaires")
  • the "V COM" commercial transfer service
  • cash pooling
  • Managing your invoices and accounts receivable is a key element in your business.

Your advisor is there to help you make a detailed analysis and provide you with solutions to match the specific features of your business.

Analysis of your invoices and accounts receivable

  • Working capital requirements
  • Preventing bad debts
  • You plan to purchase equipment or expand your business. We can help you to choose the financing solution to suit your requirements.

Finance :

  • Tailored loans
  • Flexible leasing arrangements
  • Project finance
  • You want to make more effective use of surplus cash while retaining flexibility, instant access and security. We can provide solutions that meet your requirements and match your investment term.

Optimising your surplus cash :

  • Advice from experts
  • A wide range of treasury products
  • With our expertise in international trade we can help you develop your business.

Faciliting international trade :

  • Managing cross-border transactions
  • Securing payments
  • Currency transactions
  • We can help you choose the most suitable company scheme.

Our employee savings plans :

  • Mandatory profit-sharing
  • Optional profit-sharing
  • Company savings plan
  • etc.
  • We offer a full range of long-term finance solutions.

We can advise on the following areas :

  • Mergers/acquisitions
  • Investment capital
  • Structured finance
  • Asset finance
  • Treasury services
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